My One Goal in 2022

The New Year means new resolutions. Its the same old story. Gyms are overly packed. People try new weight loss habits. We have all seen the same story year after year.

I have made my own fair share of resolutions over the year. I only ever get to February on a bad year and April on a good year. The excitement that had been flowing through my veins from before is no longer there. I wake up tired and come up with excuse after excuse as to why I am not doing the thing I said I would be.

Its embarrassing to admit that the furthest I have gone is April. But I don't care. Sometimes we have to accept the truth for what it is.

I only have one goal this year. That is to write every day. I am not sure if I want to post on here everyday or somewhere else. But that is the goal.

My rules are as follows.

  1. I must write something that says something everyday. No writing something random just to check off the checklist.
  2. I must post it for the world to see. I am afraid if I don't post something everyday, I will eventually stop writing altogether.
  3. It must be at least 50 words.

And that's it. Maybe it will be a 50 word tweet about something I observed that day or a story about a conversation from the other week that I never wrote about.

By the end of the year, I should have posted at least 364 times, as I did not post on New Year’s Day. The reason for that was fear. I didn’t want to start another resolution only to have it fail again.

No one knows I am doing this. I haven’t told any family or friends. This is for the same reason. I have fear of what they will say or think about this lofty yet simple goal.

I don't even know what I want to write about. I have no idea what I will say tomorrow, let alone what I will come up with as the days, weeks, and months pass. I always read from others who are successful that one of the main things is consistency. I want to test this for myself. I am not sure I even want to write or make any money from this, but I want to make some kind of commitment and actually stick with it every day for one year.

This is my resolution for the year. This is what I have chosen. Not necessarily the writing itself, but consistency. I believe that I will gain and grow a lot this year if I can be self disciplined and consistent enough to post something everyday. I know that some days will be very hard to keep up with my goal. However, its all I want this year.

If you made it this far, I truly appreciate you listening to what I have to write. Feel free to follow along with me for the journey and ultimately life changing experiment. My newly created twitter is here for those who are interested.



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