It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Josh L
4 min readMar 22, 2022

An important life lesson

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Most of life’s problems really aren’t as hard as we think they are.

Sure, all of us will face serious problems over the course of life. We will lose people close to us. We will fall on hard times financially. A loved one will get hurt.

All of these are real issues that can take a toll on us mentally.

What I’m talking about here are the problems we face for the other 90% of our life.

I’m talking about putting things off because we are afraid of it.

An example would be not interviewing for a job you want because you are too nervous to interview in the first place. Same thing with starting a business.

Or maybe we blow a tire on the side of the road.

These problems are insignificant when looking at life as a whole. Yeah, it sucks in the moment but a week later these things will be fine and life will continue as normal.

Most of the bad things that happen to us in life or that scare us are temporary. They aren’t as bad as they seem.

We realize this once we start doing the thing we are afraid of.

For example, I had an interview at a job today that I was nervous about for a few reasons.

One reason is that the pay is better than other jobs I’ve had. Another reason is it’s work from home which would be perfect for me.

The big reason I was nervous was because of the format of the interview. I’ve only ever interviewed at places where you go there to do the interview or it’s on the phone.

This interview was different. You record yourself answering questions that the company provided. You had a certain time limit and watch yourself on your computer screen talk.

This concept was weird to me. I wanted to meet someone in person and have a discussion about my qualifications with a real person.

I put the interview off for days.

I got the courage to just go for it today. And what happened?

Did I burst into a pile of flames? Did someone call me right after and tell me I looked stupid or had some food in my teeth?


Instead, it was much easier than I thought. They showed you the question and gave you one minute to prepare your answer.

This allowed me to think about how I was going to answer the question and even write notes down about how I wanted to answer it. All of this before the recording started.

The questions themselves were all the standard ones. I had answered them many times before at other job interviews. Overall, the interview went much better than I expected.

All my fears and nerves were silenced as soon as I began answering the first question. All that energy I used to worry about it was for nothing.

Well, not really. I did learn something. It also gave me this topic to write about. The whole thing taught me one thing that I’ll keep with me through life.

Things aren’t as hard as you think.

That’s the lesson I took away. People put so much time and energy into worrying about things that half the time never happen.

Chances are whatever it is that you’re worrying about won’t be that bad if it happens at all.

Chose to not be afraid and tackle your fears head-on. You’ll be happy that you conquered your challenge and lived to tell the tale. Your challenge won’t kill you.

You’ll get up the next day and one of two things will be true. Here are your options.

Option #1: You put the fear off and now have to spend the new day facing your fear anyway. You have to get it done eventually. Prolonging it does not make it go away. Don’t be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand when you see something scary

Option #2: You’ll be glad you conquered your fear yesterday and now can start this day off on a good note. You can use the momentum of yesterday to keep working hard and reach higher heights.

You need to choose option #2. You will thank yourself in the future.

If you find yourself struggling to get something done, come back here and scroll up to the bolded sentence.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.